Saturday, October 04, 2008

Highly suggestible

The alarm went off at 3:35 this morning. No, I'm not kidding. I was hating life, especially since I'd been violently ill the night before. My body rejected everything I'd eaten all day and maybe ever. Great for hydrating, let me tell you.

Ryan started running at 4:30--18 miles. I sat in the car and dozed and read Outlander. At 5:30 my group started running--10 miles. I felt like hammered dog poo. It went fairly well, though. It's just a long time to be out there. And even though I drank 32oz. of Gatorade and the same amount of water, I was still like a dried-out sponge.

After, we went to breakfast with friends and actually lingered longer than normal, which was really nice. The way I feel after running and the people we run with are the main reasons I run. Being healthy and all is good, but this is what keeps me motivated. And definitely what gets me out of bed at a time that I used to get into bed.
We came home and listened to our radio program and then watched the OU game (and I wore my new shirt). And dozed more. We left the house at 4 o'clock and swung by Target on our way to Cafe Express for some burgers. Funny how Mr. 18 Miles was craving flesh. And, oh so delicious. I don't think I've had a better burger there.

We came home and I put some semi-permanent color in my hair. I had horrifying roots and all the hair that fell out last winter that's grown back is white. Just what I wanted. Oh well. So, I got a color that's got gold and red in it (Golden Mahogany: dark golden reddish brown). We'll see how it goes with my very fair, but olive skin tone. My hair is still mostly wet, but the white hairs in the front are coppery. Yay! New haircolor, genuine physical fatigue and some endorphins are making me feel very good now.

And the haircolor? I blame my best friend for putting the thought in my head. Thanks for giving me the nudge to get off my bum and do what I've been whining about for weeks.


Loni said...

I have been whining about the same thing for weeks, and I still need to do it! I even took the haircolor out of the box and it's just sitting there, waiting for me to ACTUALLY COLOR MY HAIR. Oh, one day. It will happen.

Kate said...

Do it!
Do it!
Do it!

I'll post a picture tomorrow. Maybe that will help motivate you, Loni. =)

kelli said...

You're welcome! I'm doing mine tonight. :) Robin picked the color- it should be interesting. They don't make the one I used to use anymore.

And thanks for nudging me into going running more often!

Susan said...

Your hair looks great, Katya! BTW, Slava is a proud Papa: 9# 4oz 22in little Slavka. Love, Mama