Sunday, October 05, 2008

Plus some copper

It's more red and less purple than it's been in the past. All the white hairs are copper. I love it!


Lainey-Paney said...

...that reminds me...I need to dye all of my white hairs brown!

Loni said...


Thanks to both of you for motivating me!

I finally took the time for myself and went and got my hair cut...FINALLY. I really like it. And I got my eyebrows waxed also!

But DH is annoying me. He is being all, pleading the 5th, and won't tell me the way that he prefers my hair. When I got back he said that he was surprised that I didn't cut it shorter. What does that mean?? If he'd just give me a straight answer to begin with I wouldn't feel like I had to read between the lines.

I'll try to color tomorrow. :)

kelli said...

I love it!

shoeaddict said...

Oh! I feel like an ass because HERE I can see the auburn. I love it. We match ;)

Loni- My husband is the SAME. How annoying.

zydeco fish said...

...I need to get rid of some grey... :-(

zolafan said...


"Yeah, really, gray or white hair, God forbid!"


Caroline said...

It's gorgeous, Kate.

Karen said...

As lovely and absolutely gorgeous as ever!