Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Yearbook Yourself

This is a fun time-waster.

1966. You know there's a picture of my mom with this hair-do.

1968:1972--I know that my mom had this hairdo!

1978: Turns out, I don't look so bad with an afro.
1984: I had a friend who had this EXACT hairstyle.
1986: Short perm, earrings, shoulder pads. Could have been me except that I never cut more off than the triangle bob.

1990: I wanted to have this hair, but mine was too short.1994: This perm is hurting my hair now. I have been proudly perm-free since 1991--when I found out that I had naturally wavy hair.

1996: The year I graduated from college. My hair was about 1 inch shorter, black (dyed), but otherwise the same hairstyle.
2000: Those bangs are something else. I knew a girl in high school who had them. In 1988.
All in all, an excellent time-waster.


kelli said...

Oh, and you got yours to look much better than I made you look. :) I had major issues with the picture and couldn't get it to do right.

funny how I like the way we ALL look with an afro. :)

Kate said...

I did a lot of zooming in and out and moved things left, right, up, and down. I spent too much time. But it was fun.

I do think it's interesting that we all look good with afros. =)

shoeaddict said...


Caroline said...

I hate to go along with the crowd, but that afro does look hot!

Mary said...

I can't wait to see how amazing I'd look with an afro! I had the big 80s hair - fun times!

When I have some down time, I'm going to yearbook myself. Hahaha.

zydeco fish said...

I'd like an afro too.