Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Meme Time!

Kristen tagged me for this one. It's a one-word-wonders meme: answering one word questions but not with one word answers.

1. Clothes- Classic, vintage (40s, 50s New Look, 60s shifts), with lots of bright colors, black and chocolate brown, very infrequently navy. Heavy on skirts, dresses, or jeans.
2. Furniture- Contemporary, modern, some simple wooden antiques
3. Sweet- chocolate
4. City- Paris, London
5. Drink- milk, mojito
6. Music- yes: techno, dance, lounge, classical, folk...
7. TV Series- Mad Men
8. Film- Roman Holiday, Rear Window, Shag, Napoleon Dynamite
9. Workout- running, elliptical trainer. I want to add (back) Pilates
10. Pastries- chocolate croissants
11. Coffee- with so much cream and sugar it's a milkshake with caffeine
12. Eyeshadow- wore it on my wedding day
13. Lips- MAC that I need to replace since I bought it (ahem) the week before our wedding. I do have some Jaqua lip gloss that tastes like frosting. I also have Nars blood red lipstick pencil (the chubby kind) and lipgloss--I can't pull it off very often.
14. Shampoo- Redken Color Extend
15. Moisturizer- Clinique gel

Have you been tagged yet? If not, and you want to... do it!

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