Thursday, November 13, 2008


  • I got a haircut last night.  Four inches.  Same style, just shorter.  So much lighter.  My neck can relax.
  • Leaving tomorrow for Tulsa for the half-marathon for me, marathon for Ryan.  Actually looking forward to the time in the car together.
  • I went through 3 (THREE) Nike + iPod foot sensors last night.  Two trips to the store.  I was enraged, because that's how I get with inanimate objects.  The third one works and is on my shoe now.  And I have a little pouch so it won't fall off like the original (#1 if this one is #4) did and get lost in the grass.
  • #2 said I was "running" 2 hour and 44 minute MILES.  I think that's an actual turtle's pace.  I tried to calibrate the thing, but apparently, if you try to make it, oh, 100x different than what it thinks it just tells you, no, that's not right, try again.
  • I've been tagged for some memes that I'm looking forward to doing while we're in deep relaxation mode this weekend.
  • I am collecting some samples of student writing to share.  They're good.
  • I find that kids selling candy enjoy being told that yes, I want it, I want all of it, so no, I can't.


Anonymous said...

I get really irked that the Nike+ sensor doesn't let you know sooner that it's having trouble. I really enjoy getting about 1/4 mile into a run before the lady comes on with "Activity Stopped".

shoeaddict said...

What is the sensor?

zydeco fish said...

Oh, that Nike thing sounds interesting, if it works, that is.

Lainey-Paney said...

cant wait to see the new do!
good luck in your Tulsa run.

Kate said...

Tim, I am so glad it was not just me. I'll be hoping it works tomorrow. It's mostly my security blanket so I don't try running some crazy Speedy Gonzales pace at the beginning.

Shoeaddict, it's like a pedometer that links up to your iPod so you can see your distance and pace and all that. You're supposed to put it in the special Nike shoes, but Nike shoes don't work for my feet, so I got a little pouch that attaches to my shoelaces (just lacing it in is what happened to #1). It's fun and as far as these things go, cheap ($30 + the iPod, which I already had).

Lainey--I'll try to get Ryan to take a picture today to get an idea. It's really windy and dry here, so it won't be as curly. Seriously, I cut 4" off, but it looks like 6" because it's so much lighter and the curl popped out again.

shoeaddict said...

I hope you post that picture soon. Plus, tell us all about the run.