Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Was I crying?

I've been stressed lately. And just plain depressed. Today during lunch was yet another poetry club meeting and there was more squealing than poetry. I knew I wasn't into it, but dang. This picture says it all. I really need to not spend my lunch hours with the kids.
When is Thanksgiving?


Loni said...

I feel the way look in this picture at least once a day at work. I really do enjoy my job, but you can only be asked so many questions and requests before your head is ready to explode!

I think we all need a little down time in the middle of our day!

BTW, I am really tempted to print out this picture and take it to work. :)

Mary said...

I couldn't find you in the photo. I had to study it. Wonder what that says about me? I think I've lost my mind already! At least you are still holding onto yours! Good luck keeping your sanity.

Kate said...

Oh, Loni, I am so glad it's not just me! And feel free to take it. I'd feel good knowing I was helping someone else. =)

Kate said...

Mary, I'm the one with my head in my hands. I think that means you have an infant at home! A tiny one.

Becca in Texas said...

Oh my how this is so like my world. I look like this every 2nd and 4th Tuesday when the travel club meets in my room during my off period.