Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Yes WE can!

Ryan and I watched the returns come in on TV last night. We watched the states go red or blue. My state was red overall, but blue in my county and the counties in the other big cities and the (Rio Grande) Valley and most of far west Texas. Overall, the numbers were very close. As a Democrat in Texas, I often feel like a loner, but I felt less so this time. I also felt good about the fact that the race was fairly close. I keep saying that ultimately, there are more similarities between people in the this country than differences.

I was very impressed with John McCain's concession speech. It was intelligent and thoughtful and he encouraged his supporters to move forward and support the next president. He may not have written it, but he seemed to really believe it. I respected that.

Barack Obama's speech was incredibly moving. I got choked up. I am excited about his ideas. I am excited about his ability to get people excited and doing things. I am looking forward to seeing what he is able to accomplish, even if he can't get a glitter Bonne Bell dispenser in the girls' bathroom.

I'm human and some of the negative comments from those who were disappointed make my blood boil. I try to let it go. Been there, felt that. And those who were happy last night really need to stay positive. No need to get back at someone for what you've felt before now.

I believe in the American people. We have to work together. We will work together. Once things settle down, Obama is the kind of person who can lead us all. Can we work together to fix the things that need fixing and keep working on the things that are working? Yes we can!

Can Democrats, Republicans, and Independents work together? YES WE CAN!


kelli said...

I am glad you linked to the bonne bell thing, because oh my, I was so lost. I must be the last person in America who has not seen Napoleon Dynamite.

ooh, and my word verifications is herses, so now I'm singing herses herses herses like Meg Ryan at the beginning of Sleepless in Seattle.

shoeaddict said...

I have not seen Napoleon Dynamite either, Kelli!

Alli said...

I haven't seen Napoleon Dynamite, either, but our pastor keeps playing clips from it that he thinks relates to his sermons. I don't get it.

Great post. You are right, it'll be interesting to see if he can get people on both sides (and in the middle) excited and actually doing things. I want to see all those people who were chanting and crying to still get fired up about getting our nation out of the hole it's in. All we can do now is move forward and support this man that it going to be our president. I'm glad to see our democracy at work and how many people are finally paying attention.

Julie said...

I've been feeling ecstatic too! It's our time down here now!