Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 in Review

I got this from a friend who got it from a friend. I am needing to take moment to look back and count my blessings and see how far I've come. Also, I am a sucker for a meme of any kind.

The instructions: "for each month I'll look back at two posts- the one that got the most comments as the reader "favorite", and then one that I especially liked for whatever reason."

- I ran my first half marathon (11 comments)
- I started taking lithium and it made me sick

- You all helped me choose a new hairdo (7 comments) and
- I talked about books

- We talked about multiple-use shopping bags (8 comments)
- I threw a giant pity party for myself

- We all searched for a misspelling (9 comments)
- Ryan and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary

- I gave books to my pregnant/new mama students (11 comments)
- Ryan and I went to see the specialist

- We talked about icky, unhealthy swimsuit models and you all said nice things about me (11 comments)
- it was busy--we fought the county tax office and won, the Towel Thief struck, I ran 12 minute miles on my birthday, and two words: Marathon Fresh

- I talked about meds and babies (10 comments)
- Even though I had to pay a fine, a speeding ticket didn't go on my record

- I showed off and you cheered my new classroom-sans wheels (15 comments)
- We all said goodbye to Klaus and hello to Dieter and
- Ryan worked on a big project

- I posted about politics, you weighed in, and I counted my blessings to have such great friends (12 comments) and then
- I talked about Hurricane Ike and
- My students who were driving me crazy (and now love me)

- I wrote about etiquette and some of the less savory aspects of running (10 comments) and
- then I posted pictures of the progress I'd made in getting healthier

- I wrote about overindulging and 3 kinds of pie at Thanksgiving (7 comments) and
- Ryan and I kicked the hills' butts and made them like it

- I talked about things that go bump in the night (11 comments) and
- I posted pictures and talked about snow in Houston (!) and another night spent apart from Ryan

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Loni said...

I'm smiling just reading the highlights.

Happy New Year!!

May this one be full of blessings!