Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It's snowing!

Big fat snowflakes! It's been coming down here for about an hour. It's too warm and has been too warm for it to stick. I'm just praying that Ryan's flight from Dallas gets in and that he can get home. I worry about being on the roads when it gets like this. It happens every few years so no one knows how to drive on it. They're bad enough on the 100 days it rains here.

So, suddenly, I have had an infusion of Christmas Spirit. I'm about to go put the lights on the Christmas tree. I had been thinking about not even doing the tree this year. I'll be glad when it's up.


shoeaddict said...

YAY! I heard it was snowing there. It's supposed to "snow" here too. Or a Winter Mix is what I heard. I don't know when. It's 9:47pm and it's just rain right now. But, the temp is only 41. I guess we'll see. It'll prob happen during the night when no one can see it.

Are you feeling better?

Kate said...

I was not thinking it would actually snow here. Not even close. If it's 41 now, it probably won't stick, which is sad.

I'm not feeling much better, but I'm not worse. I'm kind of counting that as better. Thanks! =)