Tuesday, December 30, 2008

National Body Challenge

I did this a few years ago and it was great. Of course, it was 3 months free at Bally Total Fitness and now it's just 1 month. But one month is better than none and then they usually give you an actually good offer if it works for you and you want to join. (I married a member and we're planning to go there later to swim) They have diet and exercise plans and other cool things. You can chart your current and goal weight, BMI, and waist/hip ratio.

My goal is to lose 15 pounds in 2 months. Do you think I can do it? Do I want to do it? Do I want people to stop asking me if I'm pregnant?
So far, this week, I ran 20 minutes yesterday and swam 35 minutes today. I need to be better about eating breakfast while I'm on vacation and when I go back to school next week. I snack less (and I'm less nasty) when I eat a big, healthy, protein-packed breakfast. Ryan wants to work out more often, too. I just got to where I came home from school and parked on the couch or even napped in bed. Must be better about that.


shoeaddict said...

You look great!

P.S.- My word verification was bellyll

Mary said...

My resolution is the same! But not through the same program, I'm just doing the "look in the mirror" method. I want to lose 20 by May. You don't look one teeny bit pregnant. I do, but wearing a body shaper does wonders!

Loni said...

Okay. I've seen a LOTS of pictures of you and NEVER have I ever thought you looked pregnant.

And, when I read that you want to lose 15 pounds my jaw dropped because I think you look great already. Very healthy.

Maybe you are looking for more muscle tone and less...softness? I just don't think you need to lose weight (but I know it's what you think that counts).

Kate said...

Shoe-- that is too, too funny!
Mary-- the look-in-the-mirror method is pretty effective. I don't do that much (below my neck)
Loni-- you're probably right about the number. That's the number the program suggested. I have taken my waist and hip measurements and those are the numbers I want to decrease. And yes, it's about being firmer, especially now when I have no excuse.