Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Update and snow photos

It looks like Ryan's spending the night in Dallas. I'm glad because bridges are starting to freeze and I don't want him driving home (or being driven) from the airport even if he made it back here. I am annoyed that Continental has no updated info on the plane he was supposed to take. It was coming from Houston, was going to Dallas and then back home. It left the gate, but was taxiing to the runway and delayed due to deicing. At 6:30. 3.5 hours later... Are those poor people still on the ground? That would suck.

Here are some pictures I took here:

I also brought in the lime and avocado trees. Genius. Perhaps I should have done that earlier. I am thankful for a warm house tonight. Matilda and I are going to bed soon.

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shoeaddict said...

It's snowing really hard here now! It's amazing. All the schools are closed and so are the bridges across the Mississippi River. It's like a winter wonderland.

Glad you saved your trees! Mine, I don't think, will be that lucky.