Friday, January 09, 2009

Do I really look like that?!?

In the middle of trying to change my perception of what is healthy and what is not, this photo was posted of me on Facebook.

I was scanning down--my hair was really frizzy because it was very humid that day. Seriously, it was almost matted by the end of the day. So, whatever. Scan down...

Not bad. Still need to work on tummy...

Hey, thighs are even looking firm, but what the HECK is in between? Even Sir Mix-A-Lot wants me to put that butt away. I have a nice little bum with a really nice flat of my back and I'm pretty proportioned. Or so I thought...

I asked Ryan, knowing that it's dangerous to ask your man if a picture makes your butt look good. He was like, did someone Photoshop that?!? Do they have a fisheye lens on their camera?

All kidding aside, I think it's partially the jeans' fault. They used to be fabulous, but now there's slack in the behind. I mean, I can grab extra fabric. So, is it time to buy a new pair of jeans to fit the body I have now? They're expensive, even if I buy just one. But when will I need a smaller size? In a few months? Never?

Or, should I have the pair that do fit right now altered so they're short enough to wear everyday (they're high-heel length now)?


Alli said...

Honestly, (and I'm seriously not just saying this to make you feel better) I think it's the angle at which you are standing. It's so funny how just turning a couple degrees can totally change how you look in a picture.

FWIW, I think it's a great picture of you!

AlaneM said...

Baby got back!

My dear, I think you look fabulous just as you are & I think Alli may just be right.

Lainey-Paney said...

I say, if you want new jeans--buy 'em. I agree w/ Alli that the pic mentioned is probably wacky b/c of the angle. BUT---I know that I feel sexiest when I'm confident about my jeans. I'm a jeans kind of gal. You're never again going to feel SUPER confident in those jeans, and if you can grab extra fabric in the back---they probably are too big.
go get some new jeans. new jeans make me feel sexy.

Kate said...

Okay, I am going to say that it was the angle mostly, but getting a pair of jeans that make me feel sexy is okay, too. =) Thanks!

Caroline said...

Hey Kate,

a) No, you don't look like that.

b) You can also get those jeans altered. Just make sure they take in as much as you need. There's a good tailor by me that did a pair of my jeans, but you can prob. also use Ryan's tailor. So you could still get another pair of jeans, but these would fit again for less than 20 bucks, probably