Sunday, January 25, 2009

Google Earth is making me sick

Somehow, today was the first time I played with Google Earth on my own computer. I am researching some sites in the British Isles and it's very, very cool. However...

The zooming that I can't control (yet) is FREAKING ME OUT.

I'm not exaggerating. First, it makes me kind of sick in terms of motion sickness. Then, I am deathly afraid of when it's zooming down onto water. What is it zooming onto?!? What will it show?!?

I just accidentally clicked on the North Sea and had to minimize it and was terrified to look at it once it was done zooming. My heart was pounding. I was breathing shallowly and my muscles were all tensed up. What horrible thing would I see? I'm serious.

I told Ryan about this earlier and, God love him, he looked at me with interest and kindness rather than horror and pity and asked what I was worried about seeing. Um...

  1. Monsters?
  2. Sea monsters? (More Leviathan than Nessie-- she doesn't count here because I would love to see her)
  3. Scary undersea holes?
  4. Things that will jump out at me?
  5. I don't know. Scary things?
Do I need to call my doctor to up the dosages on every medication in the world? Do I need to see a therapist every hour on the hour? WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?


Mary said...

It feels like you are falling doesn't it!

kelli said...

Is it more the water or the falling? Both scare me. I have actually burst into tears in Houston while driving over some huge highway when I was following somebody and didn't know they were going up.
And even going over low bridges scares me if it's across water.

shoeaddict said...

My FIL loves Google Earth and it's kinda freaky. He is always talking about looking at our different houses over here.

KatieBug said...

Do you have an underwater largeness phobia like Swistle?

Jeff! said...

This same thing just happened to me with my car's nav system! I'm still learning to use it, and I decided it would be fun to see what happens when I point and make the map travel into the Pacific Ocean. Guess what?? It's not fun. IT'S EFFING TERRIFYING. I had a little panic attack! Now I'm scared I programmed my car to drive me directly into the ocean! AHH!

zydeco fish said...

I don't think that this is too weird. It makes sense to me. I bet you don;t experience this with a printed paper map.

Kate said...

Yes, it totally feels like falling!

Katiebug, I think my issue is similar to that post. I'm mostly afraid of what's hiding. I hate the lane in the pool with the drain. Just thinking about it makes me a little short of breath.

Jeff, that would freak me out!

ZF, I love printed maps. Love them. But I can control their boundaries and how much of them I see and what and where I see.

I'm going to write an entire post about some new "enhancements" to Google Earth that I heard about.