Sunday, January 18, 2009

Half Marathon #3

It went really well. It was much warmer and more humid than we wanted, but it was bearable. I finished in 02:51:30. That was 1:05 more than Tulsa and really, a minute and 5 seconds? Not significant. And it was about 15 minutes faster than this time last year. Not shabby.

Maybe someday I'll run a full marathon. Once I run a little faster so I won't be out in the Houston heat and humidity for 6 hours. I firmly believe that a full marathon is much more than twice the effort of a half marathon.

Speaking of effort, I am tired. I will try to post photos and share more info about it tomorrow. I'm lucky enough to have the day off... Zzzzzzz....

P.S. Ryan PRed again. Another 4 minutes off his time and it was crowded and hot, so it means that much more to him. Yay!


Mary said...


zydeco fish said...

Congratulations. I am thinking about doing a meager 8KM race in the spring.

AlaneM said...

You ROCK! (even though I think you're just slightly nuts for running without something scary chasing you.)

Kate said...

Thanks, Mary!
ZF--thanks! I am impressed with an 8K, too.
Alane, you're too sweet! And probably right. =)

Susan said...

Kate, way to go!!!!!! I'm proud of you! Love, Mama