Monday, January 12, 2009

Loitering and lurking

Hello, boys and girls! Today is De-Lurk Day!

Do you read my blog, but not comment? Just for one day, poke your head and say hello! I'm sure that I'd like you if you like me enough to read my blog. =) I have a pretty decent idea of who and specifically where my readers are from, but it would awesome to have names and faces and be able to say hi to you, too. And if you could say something about why you read, that would be cool, too. I do so much selfish blabbing, I wonder if any of it every helps anyone else.

I did (temporarily) take down the security features on comments. Well, until all the spammers come with their offers of cat furniture and "enlargement."


Betty said...

Nestie Bettyjoe here. As a fellow HISD teacher, I enjoy your adventures in senior English. Great blog!

Kate said...

Hi Bettyjoe! I've missed you! So glad that you enjoy the school stuff. Now that we're back I have a few more posts to add... ;)

binks said...

De-lurking now. Although I am sure I've left comments in the past.
I used to live near Houston so its nice to see what is going on around there.

And you really get tons of spam? I turned off word verif ages ago and have yet to get any spam. Maybe, I should just keep my mouth shut. Shhh don't tell.

Alli said...

Hi! I'm not a lurker here, but wanted to say hello anyway!

Anonymous said...

I don't really lurk either. I comment far too often. You get cat furniture spam? I want some cat furniture spam.

shoeaddict said...

I'm not a lurker either. I just wanted to say that I'm so sick of "enlargement" spam in my email. Give me a break!!

Junebug said...

I read. You know I read. Sometimes I comment. You know that, too.

Why I read may be a little confusing.

You=Democrat Me=Republican
You=Catholic Me=Southern Baptist
You=Runner Me=Well, not a runner

On the other hand...
You love books. I love books.
You love Mojitos. I love Mojitos.

Who knows why I read or how I stumbled upon your blog. Nevertheless, I do read and enjoy.

zolafan said...

I just wanted to say I will no longer be reading your blog, but will keep commenting...;)

zydeco fish said...

I am not a lurker, but I have been preoccupied recently.

Kate said...

Hi Binks & Alli!
Tim, it was a while ago, someone "commented" check out my cat furniture. It just tickled me to death.
Shoeaddict, I want to beat the people who respond to the enlargement crap, encouraging them to send ME more.
Junebug, you make a good point and yet, I love your blog, too. You have a LOT in common with most of my best friends.
Zolafan, most days, reading my blog is a waste of time. Keep commenting, anyway!
ZF, you and your "busy life" and "career" pffft!

Chraycee said...

Hi Kate,
I comment here and there - of course you posted this during the month I was without internet access due to moving. I'm a fellow HS teacher but in CA and I found your site through Danielle's site (when it existed).