Saturday, February 21, 2009


Ryan got his cast off on Wednesday. He has a boot for the next four weeks. He has to use crutches for another week (or less, since it's only until Weds.). He can't drive until he's out of the boot in a month. He has shooting pain in his incision that comes and goes. He takes ibuprofen at night, but otherwise, he's dealing with it.

I had some kind of intestinal thing this week and I am not completely better yet, but I don't want to lie on the floor and cry anymore. I also fell down and busted my kneecap the other morning. As I told my dad, yes, I did it while I was running. Up the stairs. Indoors. It still hurts if I touch it, but the solution to that is not touching it. It's also a little stiff, but that's temporary. I told Ryan that I did it to get attention (haha). Seriously, what does it say about me that I would rather act like it's me being some attention-seeking freak rather than just plain stupid?

We went to the club today and worked out. Ryan did strength training and I used the elliptical trainer and ran on the treadmill. I stayed away from the cross trainer after it made my IT band hurt so much I wanted to cut my legs off a few weeks ago. It is a little sore, but stretching has helped.

And Matilda is doing very, very well. We had a running debate about what was bothering Tilly more--the crutches or the cast. My vote was for the cast, possibly knowing that we only had to deal with it for 2 weeks rather than 3 weeks of crutches. I didn't think I could deal with any more drama. Well, I was right! My baby is sleeping through the night again and is eating again. When I pull into the driveway she's usually back in the front window and leaps up when she sees me. Hooray!

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Mary said...

Ouch on falling up the stairs!

I'm ready to read a healthy post on your blog anytime soon! I bet you are more than ready to post one!!!