Saturday, February 07, 2009

Running out of patients

Warning: some of this is a little gross

Ryan had surgery on his ankle on Thursday. It's something he's needed for years and years. He inherited weak ankles from his dad and twisted and twisted and twisted them until there was no ligament left. Nearly 8 years ago, his doctor fixed his left ankle by slitting the tendon and threading it through his bone to "make" a new ligament. He had the same thing done on his right ankle this time. He has a cast for 2 weeks, a boot for a few more and crutches.

The doctor said it looked good and Ryan is already moving around the house a little. Our house has 3 stories and the middle floor has all the fun stuff (couches, good TV and VCR, kitchen), but no bathroom, so he's getting his exercise going up and down the stairs. The doc said as long as he's careful not to tump over and crack his skull open, that's good. He even okay'ed an outing today. We were thinking breakfast, but since it's past 11 and someone is still (mercifully) asleep, I think it's going be lunch (or blunch).

Little Miss Tilly, on the other hand, is being my problem patient. She gets really upset when things are unsettled around here and we moved furniture and switched where we sit and sleep and moved her bed. Winnifred is not okay with that. She also hates the crutches. HATES them. So, in true S-Family fashion, she is panicking and freaking out. Panting with her tongue halfway to the floor. We reassured her and talked to her and "listened" to her. No dice. Both nights she's flipped out. Running back and forth and in circles. Whining and crying.

The first night she calmed down for a few hours but woke me at 4AM and didn't let me sleep after that. I finally got out of bed and made a tray with some snacks for Ryan and a cooler with drinks. He really wanted me to go to work and since it was an early-dismissal day, I agreed. I figured he wouldn't be alone (and awake) for too long. Apparently either Tilly didn't fuss at him or he was so knocked out, he didn't notice.

Last night, I tried putting her in another room and she whined so loud the neighbors must have heard. I put her behind the gate and she rammed it until she knocked it over and clambered over it. I think that's when she cut her paw. I cleaned it up and I don't see any major damage (only a flesh wound), but I still have to clean up the tiny bloody paw prints on the stairs.

Today I checked her paw again and it looked okay so I took her for a run/walk/sniff everything. We were out for a good long time and hopefully that will help. She's definitely calmer now. I'll take her out again tonight. And maybe give her Benadryl, although I'm not sure if there's any point. We gave her some last night and it bought us 2 hours (maybe) of not going completely bonkers and hurting herself calm. I don't know if I should take her to the vet today just in case something else is wrong. She does this--on a smaller scale--when Ryan goes out of town, so that's why I'm not completely freaking out.

To recap:
  • Successful surgery
  • Ryan is in good spirits
  • Poor doggie needs to chill


Mary said...

Super-Nurse Katie to the rescue!

shoeaddict said...

YAY! for Ryan!

I'm sorry about Tilly. Layla is the same way. She goes nutso when Blue is out of town. She gets a little freaky around 5:30, if he's not home yet. Also, we moved her bed and she humps it all the time now. I don't know what that's all about.

Glad that Ryan is doing better though.