Thursday, March 19, 2009

Paging Dr. Busey. Paging Dr. Busey.

Ryan and I are addicted to The Soup. A while ago, they showed a clip from ET or something. Gary Busey was being his (ab)normal self. Threatening to rip out someone's endocrine system and wear it as a hat:

We've been joking that I'm going to see Dr. Busey. As long as he doesn't rip out my endocreeeen system.

Today I went to see the endocrinologist. He was very nice. He asked me questions and felt up my neck. His theory is that it's the lithium and as long as it's working, keep taking the synthroid until my hormone levels are right. That's all good.

The possible problem is the nodule(s) on my thyroid. They could be my thyroid, they could be one of my parathyroids. So, I have to have another ultrasound with a possible needle biopsy if the radiologist thinks it's inside my thyroid. He said it shouldn't hurt and it's much less scary than it sounds. I'm taking his word for it. Truly.

The place where they're sending me will call to make an appointment, but it should be within the next 3 weeks when I have an appointment to see the endo again. Waiting. Hey, at least I have a time frame.

After my appointments and two sets of blood tests (yearly physical in the AM--gotta love Spring Break), I went to Borders to take the edge off. Nothing bad ever happens there. And it's 25% off everything (no lying about how the Rick Steves' Travel to Italy book is for classroom use) for teachers time. Huzzah!

After dinner (chicken, rice, broccoli, corn, milk) I went to see Confessions of a Shopaholic with my friend, Anne Marie. What a cute movie! And unlike the book, which got much more into Becky's financial woes, the movie was more superficial, so it was less upsetting. You know, because of my friends who may have had problems with credit cards and such in the past. Maybe.

So. Not scary. Thankful for health insurance. And friends. And family.


Mary said...

Glad to see you posting again. I think I'm due for a therapy trip to Barnes and Noble too. Awesome way to unwind!

shoeaddict said...

I've missed your posts!
I love Joel McHale and The Soup, too. Endocreeeeen system- ha ha ha. I am sorry that you have to have more tests and possible biopsy. I do think it's good that he is being proactive though. I have had problems with my thyroid for awhile. I've been taking Synthroid for a few years. Some things are still not that better (hair growth- as in mustache, neck-cute, I know!, big belly) but are.

Keep me posted.