Wednesday, May 27, 2009


We're all done with classes and starting last Friday we've had finals. I have all seniors this semester, so it's very, very important that they all do well and pass so that they can graduate.

This morning, a student who I've had a somewhat rocky relationship with, but have made a peace with, walked in wearing a longish spaghetti-strapped shirt posing as a dress. It just barely didn't cover her business. Seriously, I was afraid that if she turned at all, I would see exactly whether or not Britney Spears was wearing undies. I turned away and while I was looking for something sharp to jab into my eyes, I wrestled with the correct response. Clearly, she was out of dress code, but did I want to have a giant fight and have her miss the final and then have to give it to her at an inconvenient (to me) time?

Teenagers, of course, are deliciously self-regulating. Often it manifests itself in all the hateful stuff you remember from high school, but sometimes it's useful. In this case, Lady Godiva didn't even get to her desk before another girl (a friend), says, "Girl! Where are your clothes?!?" It took all the self control that I have to not bust out laughing--the kind where you cry and hiccup. I got distracted and a few minutes later I looked over and she was wearing a gigantic sweatsuit--pants and hoodie. I suspect it came from the football player who sits in front of her. Good times.

In between the finals, I ran down the hall to run my Scantrons. The woman using it was not doing anything wrong, but after a while of listening to them run (it's like machine gun fire), the thing started making this horrible shrieking/galloping noise. So, there are three machines in the building and one is now worn out. Not permanently broken, but useless. So, the other two now get all the extra traffic. How many more days?

After that, I was entering grades and using my extremely OCD-Excel spreadsheet with all of their grades to make sure that you don't have an average of 69 or 89.4 or something. So, I got this email from the principal asking what's up with one of my students having a 69 for the semester. Well, clearly, that was a mistake. She was supposed to have a grade a few points higher. I added some points to her final and hopefully the evil computer system will "average" that correctly. Or at least 70 or higher so she gets credit and GRADUATES.

No sooner had I sent that message than I got a message from a counselor asking about another kid who got a 68. Again, for the semester--that was wrong. I've "failed" (they fail themselves, blah, blah) kids, but not when it's so close to passing. It was the same issue. So then, I'm going and double and triple checking all the other students' grades. Another teacher was changing grades for one student and it was changing other students' grades at the same time. Seriously? Is this the time for the system to get buggy? I want my students to GRADUATE ON SUNDAY.

My trailer class (repeaters) trickled in and out during the 2 hour final period. There was a graduation rehearsal, etc. I ended up with 2 and the one girl had brought cupcakes for the class and forgot about them, so we each got a few to share with friends. Well, except for the boy who polished off about 3. I'm going to miss that class. It started off small, but by the end--not counting the girl who never, ever, ever came to class, seriously, I never saw her--there were only 6. They had all kinds of issues and we talked about them. That was the class with the kid who was high every single day and we called for help a few times before he got kicked out and went to jail. That was the class where we watched Monty Python and the Holy Grail (after we read all the King Arthur stories and of course it's "culture") and my non-native English speakers laughed their butts off. I'll miss them and I'll miss having a class where I could do whatever I wanted (within reason).

After my fabulous day, I was wondering if 12:30 was too early for a margarita. I passed and after I came home I took a long nap.

One more day with students. Then Friday is closing up shop. I have to pack up a few things for summer school next week and then it's a long weekend with graduation on Sunday. I'm so glad that this year is over!


Alli said...

Wow, sounds like things have been busy!

And I have to say that it's been FOREVER since I've heard the word "scantron". I had to re-read the word a couple times trying to figure out what it was supposed to say...then I remembered!! LOL! Brings back memories....

Chraycee said...

Seriously? You have 3 scantron readers?!! We have only one. It's a real joy.

zydeco fish said...

I have never heard the word scantron before. Is that normal?

Jasmine said...

I remember the scantron....I hated it!