Saturday, November 14, 2009

Three-Fifths Marathon

All season I've been toying with doing something more than a half marathon. I ran a miserable, hot, hilly half marathon three weeks ago, which didn't help me feel good about running more. Even up until Wednesday of last week I wasn't sure, but I signed up anyway. The day was warm and muggy, the course was three loops. Long loops. I had music and that helped. Also, I saw Ryan and his friend running on the other side of the course and a friend of mine came out to cheer me on. At one point on the last loop I started to cry and under my breath said, "I want my mommy!" In my head, I heard her voice saying, "You can do it, Pony Legs!" I think she'd agree that's something she would have said had she been there. At any rate, it was a huge comfort.

I was about a mile from the finish and a police car came slowly down the left lane and I thought that they were closing the course. There's no sidewalk there and the speed limit is about 100mph, so I was panicking. Turns out they were just checking on those of us who are so slow. Soon after that I saw Ryan coming toward me. He ran(/walked) the last mile with me. He stepped to the side and I ran across the finish line alone. He kept telling me how proud he was of me.

And then we had dinner at Chuy's because if you run 25K/15.5 miles you are fully justified in swimming in a vat of creamy jalapeno dip.

I've been asked if I'm now planning to run a full marathon. Here's my answer: NO. I did that race and maybe next year I'll run it again, but I was out. of. gas. at the end. My lungs couldn't keep up and my legs were dying and I figured I could just barely finish. But, I was super-stiff and sore the next day (my first period class asked if something was wrong), but otherwise okay.

So, I ran my first 25K and still can walk. I ran it in 3 hours, 20 minutes, which is 10 minutes before the course closed, but who cares. I'm pretty proud of myself.


zydeco fish said...

That's impressive, I am way too lazy for that.

Shoeaddict said...

You are all kinds of awesome.

Lawfrog said...

So proud of you! You pushed through and finished it, that is awesome.

Lainey-Paney said...


And Chuy's? Of course you deserved it.

Loni said...

Absolutely amazing!

Think about all the people in the world. Now, narrow it down to all the runners in the world. NOW, narrow it down to all the runners who have run a half marathon. YOU ROCK! You've gone farther and worked harder than ALL of those people!! :)