Saturday, March 20, 2010

Katie-Kat is still alive!

This has been a difficult year--and by "year," I mean "academic year." I really can't and won't elaborate on that right now. I will say that I have and will prevail. Anyway.

Let's talk about what has happened, for example--over the holiday break:
  • someone ran a red light, hit Ryan's beloved car and then lied and said Ryan ran the light
  • our beloved pastor died of cancer
  • drama
  • more things I won't get into here
Okay, so that wasn't many details, but it sucked. And as my students write-- HOWEVER, Ryan and I are fine. Physically fine and happy together.

So, since I still can't say much, I will share a few happy things:

This week was Spring Break, so I did a massive road trip with my bff, complete with my Summer of '91 playlist, which has all kinds of delicious songs that were popular that summer--the best summer ever. We sang along and reminisced. I drove up to see her and attend a party and then we drove to see Shoeaddict and Sugar!! We spent a few days there and then drove home. SO. I drove about 28 hours in the space of a few days and it was TOTALLY worth it. Totally.

On my way home I stopped at a DIY-carwash and vacuumed the road trip detritus from Ryan's new car. I was so pleased with myself. When I got home, Ryan noticed that there were scratches in the clear coat. He said it looked like someone leaned on it. With intent. I couldn't think of how that happened. About five minutes later it came to me and I knew I couldn't lie about it once I realized it. So, I confessed. Turns out, you should take the vacuum hose through the car rather than over it. This is something that I realized--without assistance--after I did it. Ryan was very understanding about it--so much so that I kind of felt worse. He's pretty sure he can get it buffed out, but STILL. I was trying to freaking do something nice and somehow manage to screw something else up. I am like a combination of Curious George and Amelia Bedelia. I am a menace.

I got home late one night midweek and then the next morning we got on a plane to visit Ryan's parents at their condo in Florida. It's very nice and they were very gracious. We were Big Kids and let them lead us around and we pranced like show dogs in front of their friends. The entire thing was, as my father says, a cultural experience. And it is beautiful there. Beautiful. We went (lap) swimming in the community pool, walked on the beach (it was chilly and windy), did our long runs for the week (11 miles for me, 13 for Ryan) along the road, which has some great views--Ryan even got to go over a drawbridge. Mostly we just laid around and enjoyed the sun and blue sky.

This afternoon, we took our Mom(-in-law)-made sack lunch to the airport and were home by dinnertime. Miss Tilly was pleased to see us, sniffed us thoroughly--there was a lot to smell--and then went back to looking out the window to see if she could see Mr. Donald who watches her while we're away and treats her to multiple walks and treats her better than we do.

Now we're showered and fed and sitting on the couches. OUR house, OUR couches, OUR TV, OUR doggie. Travel is awesome, friends are fabulous, but home is always best.


Mary~Momathon said...

Glad you are still alive! And refreshed too!

Shoeaddict said...

I'm sorry for all your troubles. :( But we LOVED having you and cannot wait to see you again.

You are NOT a menace. You are wonderful.

Diana Mieczan said...

You have a wonderful blog here! I wll be back for more:)