Monday, May 17, 2010

Another kind of pain

The prom at my school was on the Saturday night. After all of our lectures about safety, we sent them out this weekend. After spending the night at the school-sponsored after-prom activity, one of the students may have fallen asleep at the wheel and went over a median, running into another car, killing that driver as well as himself. It doesn't sound like he was drunk or high, just sleepy.

He was one of the basketball players and had just signed with a major college. He was well-liked and I have many of his teammates and friends in my classes. Today has been bad. First, we had to run the gauntlet of news vans and reporters. Then, we had to figure out what to do in class. I did some reading with my juniors, but after the principal's announcement and moment of silence, a student or two left to meet with grief counselors, but most chose to stay in class and watch a movie.

How do you shuffle on through something like this? How is your final blaze of glory in high school not tainted by the death of someone either you loved, or who was loved by a friend?

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Julie said...

How terrible, I'm so sorry:(