Sunday, June 13, 2010


Now that this school year is over and summer school isn't exactly taxing my brain, I needed a project. I've wanted to recover this chair-and-a-half that Ryan has had forever. I love this chair--it fits both Ryan and I, has an awesome ottoman, is perfect for curling up in and reading, and I've even slept in it when Ryan had one of his ankles rebuilt.

Here's the before:

It's currently down in the guest room because it's faded and stained and scratched by a cat that hasn't lived with Ryan in about 10 years.

I drove all over town looking for fabric that I liked at a price I could deal with. I ended up back at the fancy home fashion store, but found a less expensive option and really like the color better than the one I originally liked at almost three times the price.

"Caribbean" velvet microsuede. It's 100% polyester and therefore, 100% washable. I love the color--it's very close to a vase we have in the living room that we both love and we know the color looks good in there already.
Set-up on the dining room table:
The clipboard has my measurements of all of the pieces so I could figure out how much fabric I need. Hopefully I did it right!
Mama! Mama! Mama! Can I sit on this chair? [NO!]
Cutting patterns. Less helpful than I thought/instructions said.
Getting ready to make piping. Some of the instructions I got said to use strips cut on the bias, but I need 300ft. of it (+/- 100ft.) and that would take a zillion yards. Plus, I inspected the weave on the current chair and they're just regular... Hopefully I won't regret this choice!
Strips sewn together:
Sewing the piping:
Sewing corners and the invisible zipper I put in. Dang, that was hard! Don't look too closely...
Final product!!
Like I said, don't look too closely, but it's my first attempt and it's just one of two back cushions. I tackle the other one today and I hope that it goes a little more smoothly and is prettier.

Then it's on to the bottom cushion, the giant ottoman, and then the massive chair. Hopefully we'll be sitting in it by next weekend when we're having a party. If not, it's not a big deal, but I'm trying to use that as a deadline so I finish this before next year... or never.

Piping how-to
Piping how-to 2, including corners (I figured it out before I saw this)
Zipper in a pillow tutorial (confused the snot out of me)
Zipper in a pillow tutorial 2 (much more helpful)


Mary~Momathon said...

It will be so very pretty! I love the chair, how wonderfully comfy it looks. I don't have enough time to sew these days, but I have two very orange chairs that need to be recovered just so that my eyes won't bleed when I look at them.

Tim said...

Man, I can't believe you're doing piping. I probably wouldn't start a project if there was piping... :D

Julie said...

Wow, you are very, very brave. I'm with Tim, I think piping was invented by the devil! it looks awesome, but it's such a PITA to sew!
Yours looks great, I'm jealous:)