Wednesday, December 15, 2010


12 weeks, the day of the Marine Corps Marathon. After Ryan ran, we went to visit my grandfather's grave at Arlington National Cemetery since we were already there (the end point of the marathon). At this point I was mostly looking like I needed to cut back on the beer and doughnuts.

16 weeks, Thanksgiving
17 weeks18 weeks, 1 dayI will update tomorrow with 19 weeks! I swear my belly gets bigger every single day. As long as that means Mr. Man is getting big and healthy, that is all good.

19 weeks:


kelli said...

You are adorable and I want to hug you and pat Mr. Man.

And it took me until the third week to realize you were wearing the same outfit on purpose for comparison. Duh.

Kate said...

I would love hugs and pats!

Yeah, well, we'll see how long this outfit lasts. These are my last semi-fitting pairs of jeans and I don't know how long I can walk around with them unbuttoned without getting arrested. :)

Karen said...

Katherine you look so beautiful and so happy! Love the pictures so much!

Kate said...

Thanks so much, Karen! I've been so lucky all along and now I'm pregnant and healthy. I didn't even know to hope for being this happy.