Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My baby bunting

First, let me be clear: I understand that crib comforters are made expressly for killing babies. I understand that they along with all other blankets. soft toys, or anything else similar do not belong in a crib. It should be a barren hellscape and baby should possibly be allowed a light sleep sack-type garment to ward off a possible chill, but avoidatallcosts overheating. Okay? I get it. (Yes, there's a story and I will share it later)

So... I fell in love with this bedding from Target: DwellStudio Space. It's really squirrelly in terms of them being out of it/discontinuing it. At first I fell in love and then they said it was discontinued, then it wasn't, then today I saw it on clearance and bought everything I could find. I love it, love it, love it. Ryan does too and since he cares about such things, if we both love something and it's on clearance--don't wait around.

Here's the deal: I was able to buy the individual components of the set (bumper, comforter, crib sheet) separately and I am wondering if I really need the comforter (I KNOW IT IS DANGEROUS TO HAVE IN THE CRIB WITH A NEWBORN)--would we use it once Jr. is in the converted toddler bed (if he doesn't have baby sister who is using his old crib), would it be good for tummy time, etc. on the floor and NOTINTHECRIB? Note: this thing is paralysis-inducing cute, otherwise my cheapo nature would take over and take it right back and buy more crib sheets (which I plan to buy x300).

And let's not even start on the bumper. Oh my stars, it makes people foam at the mouth. I don't even know why they sell such things if they're clearly So Dangerous!

So, here they are:

DANGEROUS Reversible bumper (stripes on one side, rockets on the other):

HYPER-DANGEROUS comforter (also could be used on glider):
Boppy covers:Set plus crib skirt:Flannel receiving blankets:
So, like I said, I'll vent about people's comments/attitudes re: safety later. But seriously, isn't this the cutest thing you've ever seen? Finding gender neutral/boy bedding that isn't all sports is really hard and this is DARLING!


Shoeaddict said...

I love it. It's very cute.

Shoeaddict said...

and wait...


Lainey-Paney said...

I love it.
It's cute.
I used the bumpers.
Gage is now 5.

I didn't use the blanket in his crib with him until he was...I dunno. 2, maybe???

What you really need to get (not that you asked, but I'm jumping on the unsolicited advice band-wagon): those swaddle-me velco all-in-one swaddler things.
Trust me. You want more than one. Diapers leak.

Tim said...

So here's my rambling advice/history:

They're both ridiculously cute. The blanket does come in handy. They only recommend not putting it in the crib for the first year, and for Stella we swaddled most of the time. Etta ended up in feety pajamas cause she could bust the swaddlers up!

Etta's still in her crib right now and sleeping with blankets. They are indeed good for tummy time until then.

The bumper... if Georgie is anything like my kids (and apparently what Julie and I were like), he'll love mashing his face as hard up against the slats as possible. I think that re-enforced our decision not to use the bumper. That is of course until they started getting their legs stuck in the slats at about 1 and we had to get a breathable bumper. Because we wanted to sleep. And I'm not a fantastic leg un-sticker at 3am.

But I bet you could remove the stuffing and easily turn it into a valiance.

The only thing I'm certain of is that Georgie will be both remarkably similar and completely different from my kids. :D

Mary~Momathon said...

I love it! The colors are fantastic and the design is very cute! Good call on scooping it all up while the getting is good!

I bet you'll get a lot of use out of the comforter. I like to use a baby comforter or quilt or blanket when I nurse, I tuck it under and around and get all cozy and comfy (as opposed to hiding, who hides it at home?)

Karen said...

I love the pattern Katherine! It's tre cute!
People get so worked up about safety and germs that sometimes I think it's overkill. One cousin of mine made people wear cotton gloves to hold their babies. And guess what, their kids are sick constantly! I think common sense should be the rule when it comes to infant safety.
For us, and for James, we put the bumpers on his crib from the get go. He was swaddled so snugly he couldn't move! I used the crib comforter when I nursed, for tummy time, or sometimes to lay over him lightly during nap time.
The saving grace for us, truly was the swaddles. I found some cotton knit sheets that matched our bedding and sewed swaddles. I could make them larger than receiving blankets and that added "stretch" from the knit fabric allowed me to swaddle him in nice and tight. It was the only way he'd sleep. In fact, he's nearly 8 and still sleeps with one of his swaddle blankets at night.
So don't over-think it, or stress to much. Get what you like and go with it.

Julie said...

The bedding is adorable, I love it! You could also use the bumper to add to the crib skirt.

Tim described our experience to a tee. We had a regular bumper on Stella's crib and then I walked into her room one day to find her little swaddled self with her nose and mouth all smashed up against the bumper. Freaked me the f' out. I know lots of kids survive just fine with a bumper, but I was always a fan of taking as few chances as possible. Ceiling fans and binkies also reduce the risk of SIDS, so both our kids have had ceiling fans and pacis (although honestly, they weren't going to let us not give them binkies-they were/are addicts!)

You are welcome to borrow our breathable bumper for Georgie. That way you don't have to make another purchase or decide which one to get!

kelli said...

I LOVE it. So adorable! Did you find all the pieces you want? I can look at the Targets around here if you still need stuff.

We used the bumper with Luke no problem, pretty much the whole time he was in the crib. He was a tummy sleeper! horror! and is still alive.

With Gillian, the bumper worked fine until she started to pull up, and then she wanted to use it as a step to vault out of the crib. clay said she was like the velociraptors in Jurassic Park, testing the fences.

With both, I mostly used the comforter as a wall hanging or for tummy time. Neither one of my kids had toddler beds, but it would have worked fine for that too.

Kate said...

Lainey-Painey--thanks for the advice. I've heard great things about those swaddlers.

Tim, thanks for the advice. I am definitely interested to see how similar (and not) Georgie is to his fabulous cousins!

Mary, thanks! I've gotten a lot of advice to wait, but I have the energy NOW! And why not save some dough?

Karen, thanks! I'm trying to get advice, but make the decisions that work for us. And not freak out, but you know that I struggle with that. :)

Julie, thanks--we'd love to borrow the breathable bumper--especially if Mr. Man is like his cousins!

Kelli, I got everything but the curtains and skirt and they're available online, but full-price. I'm not sure if I should gamble and maybe not get them or hope I'll get them cheaper.