Monday, January 17, 2011

Holy Weight Gain, Batman!

I went for a followup ultrasound and 24 week appt. today (my due date is somewhere between May 11-13, so measuring weeks is a general thing. Using May 12th, I am 23 weeks, 4 days. For what that's worth). Baby is measuring a week ahead (which we also discussed previously and means not a whole lots) and is healthy in every way they measured. Doc said I look great, happy I'm so healthy, baby's so healthy. I asked her about my weight:

16wk appt: +6lbs overall

20wk appt: +6lbs overall (odd since I looked a lot bigger--doc and I both suspect this number was off)

24wk appt: +21lbs overall

OMG, I was freaking out! How did I gain 15 pounds in a month?!?

16 weeks

20 weeks

23 weeks

I haven't been pigging out or anything and I am still exercising--maybe a little less. My jeans are starting to get a tiny bit tighter, but otherwise, I am all boobs and belly. Mostly belly. GIANT belly. Doc said baby's probably going through a growth spurt or something and as long as I'm eating healthy not to worry.

My rational brain, however, is on vacation and my pregnancy hormone-addled brain is in residence. All my food/eating disordered thoughts are back. I am replaying all of the stupid/uber-helpful comments I've heard:

  • I am bigger than so-and-so who is farther along than me... with twins!
  • Am I sure that there's only one in there?
  • Don't gain more than 20 lbs total (said by a 70+ year old woman)
  • Gaining weight will have dire consequences for labor, etc.
  • I'll never lose it and Ryan will leave me (I guarantee his response to this would be "That sounds like me.") and most of all
  • "You are SO BIG!"

And the funny thing is that my immediate response is to smash some cupcakes into my face. After spending 4 hours at the hospital and doc's office, I went to Super Target to soothe myself and bought a beautiful deep blue new maternity sweater. Of course, I bought a larger size than before since the regular one fit really nicely and I know that little boy is just going to grow more. It was just hard today. I also thought about trying on a size larger in jeans since my butt falls out every time I bend down, but mine still work okay and I couldn't take that.

I also swung by the bakery section and bought a packet of tiny chocolate chip cookies with frosting in the middle. I ate one and it was really disappointing. I ate another just in case the first one was a fluke. Nope. I then drove to La Madeleine where I threw them into the trash and ate a delicious lunch that was in NO WAY low fat/calorie, but which I enjoyed--unlike the stupid cookies.

At any rate, I am so annoyed. I thought that I was past this and that at least being pregnant I could finally relax and just let this be about the baby. I know that I am lucky to even have this "problem." I know that I am healthy and happy and in a few months I will have a baby. A baby. A little dude. Life is good. There are worse things than weight gain!


Mary~Momathon said...

I love your pictures! You are adorable, mama!

Karen said...

You look fantastic Katherine! Don't forget that the weight gain during pregnancy isn't linear. Sometimes you don't gain much between appts and sometimes you gain a bunch. A lot of it boils down to the extra blood your body has made, fluid retention and well, the enlarging of the bosom.
Love you!