Thursday, March 24, 2011


I got an email today with some helpful advice for this stage of pregnancy. See what you think about it.

To avoid getting up 98 times in the night, limit your liquid intake in the evening before bed.

Oh, wow! I hadn't thought of that! In fact, my parents didn't teach me that sometime in the mid- to late-70's.

Now, as far as being 33 weeks pregnant, I think the suggestion might include a means of relocating baby to somewhere other than on top of my bladder. Or not having a need to drink lots of water. Seriously, sometimes I wake up just to drink water.

Anyway, I've been chuckling about this all day. It just seemed like such useless advice.


Karen said...

There is so much "crazy" pregnancy advice out there. Just do what's best for you.
For me, I put a waterproof mattress pad (crib sized) under my side of the bed because James had a habit of stomping on my bladder and well, I'd leak a bit. I did try to limit fluid intake after 6 in the evening but if you're thirsty, hey you're thirsty.
Only a few weeks to go!

kelli said...

Yes. That will help SO MUCH. In fact, if you follow that advice, you might only be up 96 times in the night. It'll save you two whole trips.

Kate said...

Thanks, Karen, THAT is actually useful advice!

Kelli, isn't that the truth? I laughed so hard I almost peed myself. :)