Sunday, June 26, 2011

Little Buddy is home!

I have been shamefully neglecting my blog!  Little Buddy was released from the hospital on May 5th.  As we drove away from the hospital in the blinding sunshine, with our babe finally in the car seat we were thrilled--and terrified.  I suppose most parents experience that.  Our situation made us extra nervous and we were thinking we might actually miss some of the machines a little.  At least we could see on a monitor that his heart was still beating and his breathing rate was okay.  Of course, that meant fewer alarms squealing.  So, Ryan went out and bought an Angelcare monitor that has given us peace of mind.  At first it went off all the time, but after a day or two Ryan figured out what to do (put a piece of plywood under the sensor which is under his mattress in the Pack and Play bassinet.

Coming home in his adorable outfit provided by his fashionista auntie

Now what?

Holding my baby at home the first night

 Lying width-wise in his bassinet the first night because he was so tiny

Our second day at home. Lying on Daddy's chest.

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