Monday, August 08, 2011

Cardiology Report

7/27:  We went to the children's hospital to meet with Little Buddy's cardiologist.  We had a hard time with the echocardiogram.  Basically, it's a specialized ultrasound of the heart.  Even though they warm the gel, you can imagine, this is not the most favorite activity of any baby, even one who's had more than his fair share.  About halfway through, LB lost his... composure.  They kept telling me they couldn't continue if he was crying (duh).  I tried the Wubbanub with no success.  Finally, she and the trainee tech quit asking me what was wrong and left so I could calm him.  I sang and snuggled and cuddled and finally he fell asleep in my arms.  The tech came back and said I could hold him and they would do it that way.  Next time I'll ask if we can start with that.  All in all, it wasn't a terrible experience.

After that he had an ECG/EKG (the one with about 15 million sensors attached to his chest).  He did better with this one, but did just what he did in the hospital--fidget and twist and bat at them to remove them.

After that we met with the doctor.  He just has a hard time seeing anything significant that's still wrong with Little Buddy's heart.  He's going to back in 6 months and they're probably going to do a Holter monitor and then it will be every few years after that.  I still cry thinking about that.  Our healthy boy.

Speaking of healthy boys, at that appointment they measured him and he was:

25.5 inches
13.9 pounds

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Shoeaddict said...

PRAISE the LORD for healthy hearts!! And for gorgeous boys. :) xo