Monday, November 14, 2011

A serious case of wait and see

We took Little Buddy to the ENT today and, ironically, the doctor had lost his voice.  He was kind and after asking lots of questions and listening to LB he suggested putting a scope down LB's nose down to his vocal chords.  Sure.  We figured they'd do that--just not that they'd do it today.  So, a syringe of numbing stuff down one nostril and we were off (crying).

In the room across the hall they prepped him and Ryan held LB on his lap while the nurse held his head.  I held one of his feet while the doctor put the scope down.  As you can imagine, LB started to scream.  And then the doc had to do it again.  Anyway.  He showed us on the tape and then had a picture for comparison.

It's called laryngomalacia.  It's a big fancy word for his airway is not totally open... and he makes a lot of noise and... he should grow out of it.  Surgery is a possibility, but usually only in cases where the child has a "failure to thrive."  Our child is like Clifford the Big Red Dog, so clearly that's not the issue.

So, meds for reflux for a month to see if that helps.  Back to the doc in a month.  Wait and see.

Thankful that surgery isn't something they're suggesting and strangely glad that it probably wasn't due to the breathing tube. Just a this is our quirky baby thing.


Lainey-Paney said...

Poor buddy, having to go through that!
But, hopefully he WILL grow out of it!

Mary~Momathon said...

What a relief to find out, poor little man probably was happy to get out of there though. Glad he is thriving so well!