Sunday, May 19, 2013

MY kid is the best kid in the entire world*

Stats at 2 year appointment:

38.5 inches
Giant melon head

He's off the chart as far as percentiles. Those silly predictors say he'll end up at 6'4"-6'6".  Mine were wrong by an inch (I was shorter), so we shall see...

Part of me is pleased because he's big as if that makes him better.  The other part knows that I'm going to be walking around with a kid who looks 4 and is still in diapers. We're going to take out a second mortgage to feed him. And he is clearly a little boy now.  No more baby.  Except in my heart.

* Of course I think so.  He's my baby.

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Lawfrog said...

Bigger is good. Kids are afraid to bully the kid who's 6'4" in 10th grade so that's awesome!! Definitely take that second mortgage out, there's just something about boys...I don't know how my mother fed both my brothers without going bankrupt. They were vacuums for food.