Monday, July 15, 2013

Having a tall kid is great?

Was I just not crowing about how my boy was the tallest and smartest and greatest child in all of the land?  Yeah, well, I can't babyproof by putting things up.  The other day he was being a book-tearing pill so I put his good bedtime books up on the FOURTH shelf on his large IKEA bookshelf.  The problem is, he's 39" tall.  With long monkey arms like him Momma and Daddy.

The top is just under 5 feet.  We should be good another, what, 3 months?  Seriously, I'm in the process of going through the entire house and moving/getting rid of anything dangerous or valuable and moving it to our room.  In a bin.  In the closet.  When he finds it, it will be like the government warehouse in the Indiana Jones movies.

We have a heavy wooden chest in our living room that's technically a "pie safe" whatever that means.  Safe from flies or safe from me and my fork?  It's a beautiful piece of furniture that we "inherited" when my grandmother sold her house and it's full of all of our china and serving pieces and all of the party stuff we use once or twice a year, maybe.  It has a delicious round knob and Buddy likes to check it periodically just to make sure that the child safety lock is still on.  At some point that I don't even remember, he scored a small container of little plastic cocktail forks (from a different lifetime).  That didn't last long and since the pie safe is nice and tall they've been sitting on top for quite some time. 

You know where this is going, right?  He got them down in the middle of a lazy afternoon rather than right before we had to leave before a doctor's appointment?  I did have enough presence of mind to have to him put the picks into a bowl rather than the tiny plastic sleeve they came in.  And I do like that he's in a clean-it-up stage right now.  Or maybe he always will be, but I'm not getting my hopes up on that one.

Haha, he's going to be an engineer like his daddy.  Haha, he's going to support us in our old age.  Hahahahahahaha.... please don't break my wedding china, okay?

So, yes, I say along with moms and dads everywhere, THIS is why we can't have nice things.

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