Friday, January 15, 2016

Welcome back to blogging or why I got tired of Facebook

Who cares. I have some things to say and some photos to share. Maybe someone's still out here.

Buddy is 4 and a half. He is 48.5 inches tall and 50 pounds. He is enormous. He looks like a 6 year old, but acts his age. Sometimes people give me attitude about my ill-behaved kindergartener and I have to just get over it. We never know about other people's kids and what their struggles may be. We're lucky that ours is healthy. Very healthy.

He is delightful and wonderful and sometimes we just have to pray and try not to yell every minute.

He is trying to kill me, especially. After opening his windows and leaning out of his 3rd floor window, Ryan found a way to block him. Then after getting his dresser back in his room after a year of being out he climbed up the side of his bunk beds and sat on the dresser like a gargoyle.  Then he climbed up to the top of the bed and pushed the ceiling fan blades (going down to turn it on to make the blades where he can reach them).  Last night he fell asleep on the top bunk.*

Here we are at a playoff game for my school's football team. It was at the UH stadium.  Sock monkey glove/mittens. Oh, the cuteness.

I love him.

*The bunk beds belonged to Ryan as a child and his parents drove them across country for us. They're enormous and wood and huge, but they have sentimental value and where else are we going to put them? We can take off the top bed (it's just two on top of each other), but then what will he start climbing?

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Welcome back. Oh my goodness look at how big he is!