Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Being Involved

They're trying to build a mid/low rise across the street from us. There are a number of reasons it's a bad idea:
-random location in residential area
-will block sunlight
-lot they are trying to annex is deed restricted
-infrastructure isn't good enough for what we have now--giant car-swallowing sink hole recently in the middle of the intersection that is bordered by this development
-previous attempt by another builder died because they couldn't sell 50% of the luxury condos--for the same amount (or less) you can buy an enormous house with four stories, a rooftop deck, and a pool

So, I went to a City Council Planning Commission meeting along with some other neighbors since I'm home. I spoke, which terrified me. I wrote a script so I could read it if I froze. Ryan said he was watching on the interwebs, which made me a little nervous (don't embarrass yourself in front of the "boyfriend), but mostly comforted. I basically said it was a bad idea and I live directly across the street.

The developer said that we're ridiculous and constantly complain and they eventually get their way because the deed restrictions for the entire neighborhood are bogus. She also said that (although they haven't shown anyone any plans) they are going to build a SIXTY-FOUR car garage. Riiiight. The lot can barely fit that by itself.

The city basically said that even though the neighborhood association produced copies of the original application and the form that the developer signed saying that they knew about the restrictions the deed restrictions weren't valid because the original paperwork wasn't filed correctly they couldn't be enforced. One guy likened it to the city saying you can't say no black people. Um, duh, but not the same thing. They didn't object to the content of the deed restrictions, just that they weren't done correctly. Maddening. So, maybe they'll fight more. Maybe (we and) the city will get them as they attempt to build and realize it's not practical. And finally, like I said, I doubt they'll get enough buyers. Who wants to spend $1million+ for a condo looking out onto a crummy intersection and looking into townhouses' fourth story windows? As another neighbor pointed out, we're not opposed to progress and we live in a townhouse, but this particular project is a bad idea. We shall see..

I took the bus (sans sweater, so just a cami and I. Did. Not. Care), but some of the neighbors saw me walking to the bus stop and offered me a ride. Why, yespleaseandthankyou!

When I was in college I could barely call Domino's and order a pizza--every other Sunday. I would agonize. It was terrible. Well, look at me now!

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